Hubspot + SugarCRM = Closed Loop Inbound Marketing

It is a simple fact that in an increasingly fragmented world – it is harder and harder to differentiate as a company. Competing on price is a thing of the past in many industries – and exceptional service is awesome…But, you have to attract customers before you can delight them and retain them.

Oh, and of course, traditional marketing concepts like broadcast messaging and direct mail is dying. Today’s more savvy customer rejects any marketing message that is not relevant or catered to their actual interests.

So, how are you supposed to build your business, and stand out in a crowded marketplace?

Well, with the new integration between SugarCRM and Hubspot, you can begin to attract more prospects and understand customer behavior to create a cost-effective, closed-loop inbound marketing model. Now, you can begin to manage leads before they become ultra-qualified (and acquire them without overpaying for bogus lists). You can nurture leads and then convert them into opportunities in your CRM system – and track the effectiveness of your online conversion cycle.

With the combined process flows, reporting and the smooth marriage of marketing and sales in this Hubspot/Sugar connector – you can generate more leads, and be much more effective in your conversion funnel.

Discover what Hubspot can do for your SugarCRM deployment on their SugarExchange page.

To learn more about the integration between Hubspot and SugarCRM, check out our upcoming webinar focusing on closed-loop marketing automation.

Want to see how Hubspot and Sugar can help improve your lead generation activities?  Take a free test drive of the combined solutions here.

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