An InsideView Look at SugarCon and Sales Intelligence

Last week was the annual SugarCRM Customer & Developer Conference called SugarCon. InsideView made a big announcement related to all SugarCRM users being preloaded with sales intelligence. The partnership comes at a time when sales people are overwhelmed with an explosion of data that leaves them spending more time searching for information and less time selling.

The event as a whole was a very educational experience. The keynotes were thought provoking and the breakout sessions all had running themes around best practices for SugarCRM, social media  and SocialCRM. Sales Intelligence continues to be a focus for companies trying to make sense of all the customer data they have in their databases. Sales people can’t rely on just contact information any longer if they want to move the prospects from leads to opportunities. This was echoed by attendees of our SugarCRM breakout sessions.

We did a quick analysis of the SugarCRM event and was impressed by the amount of social updates and who was talking the most.

This is a snapshot of the most active people and the ones mentioned the most during the event. I don’t really know how Paul Greenberg had the time to update so much with his schedule but 132 updates in 4 days is impressive.

Twitter by far was the most actively used social media channel during the event