CRM Outsiders Gets a New…Outsider?

When I left SugarCRM to head up marketing efforts at Basho Technologies earlier this year, my main concern was around CRM Outsiders. I mean, SugarCRM has some great thinkers and CRM heavyweights in individuals like Clint Oram, Nick Halsey and Jan Sysmans. But, these guys are usually pretty swamped doing so many important things – I really wanted to make sure Outsiders continued to be a great hub for great advice for CRM practitioners of all levels.

Well, I think I can safely say that Outsiders will continue to bring you great content, and brought to you with a style and substance that has been well recognized in the CRM world.

I was so glad to hear that Chris Bucholtz has joined SugarCRM’s marketing team. Chris has not only been seen by greats like Paul Greenberg as a “vendor influencer” but his Forecasting Clouds blog and his work with InsideCRM has proven that Chris knows CRM.

And while Chris will surely make Outsiders even awesomer (is that a word? Chris would know – so we’re already gonna see some editorial improvement)  I am even more excited about the experience and vision he will bring to SugarCRM at large. Chris has been following the space for years, knows the ins and outs, the pitfalls to avoid, etc. His voice and vision will be a huge asset.

Congratulations Chris, and for the readers of Outsiders – you really are getting a great voice – one a lot of you probably already know.

Can’t wait to keep reading your words…