Posted in July 2011

15 Things NOT to share with your Social Network

Now that CRM is going Social and your activities are being streamed live into people’s work lives, it’s even more important to remember that you don’t have to (and in some cases definitely shouldn’t) share everything in your social media streams. For years we have been told Information Exchange is great and that knowledge shared … Continue reading

Musings on Google + (and whatever comes next for social media)

Google Plus? G+? Really? I thought all social media brand names were required to be verb-able. Anyhow, the arrival of Google’s latest effort in the social arena is teaching us some interesting lessons about social media. The space is relatively new, but there are some undeniably human, long-standing phenomena in place that will prevent it … Continue reading

SugarCRM Useful Tip – 5 ways to beat the Spam

So… you just sent out your best ever mail campaign. SugarCRM has pulled the results back into your Campaign Status showing it went out to every recipient, yet there are no reads, no click-throughs and no useful data to go prospecting from. Did they actually receive the mail? If they did, was it simply deleted … Continue reading

There’s no ROI in automating stupidity

Very wisely, vendors of CRM and marketing automation have been working to make their products more user-friendly. There are two great reasons for this: one, it means that more employees can gain the productivity power of the technology, and two, in the age of SaaS, the vendor can charge for more seats. That’s especially true … Continue reading