InsideView and SugarCRM: a Winning (and Intelligent) Combination

I first wrote about InsideView way back in 2008, when they were just a plucky start-up with a good idea. Today, they’re making important partnerships and helping a lot of people sell a lot more effectively. Starting yesterday, InsideView began to be offered within SugarCRM – the full details can be found here – a combination of tools that ought to have sales people really excited.

Why is this important? I thought I’d let Koka Sexton, the inbound marketing manager at InsideView, and director of Social Selling University, spell it out for you. Here’s Koka:

Things have changed significantly for B2B sales. The availability and access to data of all types, social networks and social media has created immense new amounts of information for everyone to digest – sales professionals and customers alike. At the same time, customers themselves have fundamentally changed how they research and purchase: in his recent book, Brian Carroll of InTouch states that nearly 100 percent of those who are visiting a company’s website are just there to learn more, but an overwhelming majority will eventually make a purchase. Will it be with your company or with your competitor?

This has placed a new challenge on sales professionals to not only build relationships, but to reach out at key moments with the most important information to prospects and leads – from thousands of data points – to be able to discern the real “truth” about prospective customers, stay productive and take revenue-driving action. At InsideView, we monitor, analyze, filter and show sales professionals what’s going on with their leads, contacts and accounts so that they can follow along and engage with this real-time intelligence at the right time. The Aberdeen Group has found that the kind of intelligence InsideView provides can improve revenue by more than 10 percent right off the bat.

Here’s what we mean by intelligence versus simple data:

This week, we were very excited to see InsideView go live directly within SugarCRM, the world’s leading provider of open source CRM, as an embedded and core feature. InsideView will empower SugarCRM users to find and qualify leads; engage and convert opportunities; and renew and upsell existing customers. It does this by providing access to millions of contacts and companies, alerting sales reps to “sales event triggers” (reasons to reach out) and displaying any possible connection you have to a contact from your own social networks and your existing customer accounts. It’s true sales intelligence at work, and it’s integrated directly into your existing workflow with SugarCRM, for free. Experience the productivity for yourself, gain access to sales experts and let us know what you think at And if you’re as impressed with us as our other customers, we offer our advanced versions at an exclusive discount to SugarCRM users.