15 Things NOT to share with your Social Network

Now that CRM is going Social and your activities are being streamed live into people’s work lives, it’s even more important to remember that you don’t have to (and in some cases definitely shouldn’t) share everything in your social media streams. For years we have been told Information Exchange is great and that knowledge shared is power. Whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or any of the other online social systems, sometimes less is more. This not only reduces the amount of “noise” (social spam) which will blast across your friends/followers/connections screens, it also helps protect your reputation, personal ‘brand’ and, sometimes, your job.

Here’s a list of things you should avoid posting:

  1. Party Photos showing you drunk or with a hand somewhere it shouldn’t be.
  2. That you are having a party – unless you really want more people than you invited!
  3. Passwords – unless you can afford to lose the information or money it protects.
  4. That you are planning to take a sickie.
  5. Drama with your friends.
  6. Issues with your parents or family.
  7. How to get more connections, friends or followers – it sounds like spam.
  8. Your bodily functions – really, no-one needs or wants to know!
  9. Photos or events which reveal your were not sick that day at work.
  10. Complaints about your boss.
  11. That you hate your job and want to leave – it may happen sooner than you think.
  12. Links to personal sites from a business account – keep business and pleasure separate.
  13. Updates that you have escaped from jail and are on the run (stop laughing – this has been done!).
  14. Pictures of your, or worse other people’s, body parts (unless this is part of your job – tattoist for example).
  15. Anything which you are not comfortable with – don’t post it. Chances are that other people won’t be comfortable with it either!

Some of the above list may seem obvious, some not so obvious.
Can you think of any others which are definite no-nos when it comes to Social Networking?

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