Posted in August 2011

Social CRM is no Place for a “Show Me” mindset

Talking to the big brains at CRM Evolution in New York this week was at once refreshing and frustrating. It’s refreshing that people are thinking so hard about what customer relationship management could evolve into, how deeply it can spread into an organization, and how many business people will nod their heads when they hear … Continue reading

Jonathan Stark – Social Experimenter or Marketing Genius?

Jonathan Stark is currently running a very interesting Social sharing experiment. He has published his Starbucks card for anyone to download onto their smartphone, and is allowing people to buy coffee on him. Really. No Joke. The Mobile Applications consultant, from Providence, R.I., has asked that people keep their purchases to $3 or less and … Continue reading

10 Steps to Buying the Right CRM Solution

Any organization looking to invest in a CRM system is faced with a huge selection of CRM vendors to choose from.  According to some estimates there may be as many as 800 CRM vendors.  There are several web resources who will help you creating your shortlist.  For example, CRM Search gives you a shortlist of … Continue reading

SugarCRM Useful Tip – Importing Records

SugarCRM is very intuitive when it comes to the whole Import process. However, from time to time, some issues do crop up which can leave you scratching your head as to why you are receiving an error. If you have checked and double checked your import file and can see no reason as to why … Continue reading