10 Steps to Buying the Right CRM Solution

Any organization looking to invest in a CRM system is faced with a huge selection of CRM vendors to choose from.  According to some estimates there may be as many as 800 CRM vendors.  There are several web resources who will help you creating your shortlist.  For example, CRM Search gives you a shortlist of 14 vendors.  But what good is a shortlist if you don’t have a process for selecting the right CRM solution?

Many businesses mistakenly think the key to success is in buying a CRM product. In reality, the key is to buy the right CRM product for your business’s unique circumstances. To help all companies in their search, we wrote a whitepaper: The 10-Step Guide to Buying the Right CRM Solution and are doing a webinar to discuss this 10-step guide.

In our webinar, we’ll break down the process of CRM selection. Join Chris Bucholtz, CRM Outsiders Editor-in-Chief on August 17 and learn:

* How to discover what CRM features really matter for your business
* How to match the sophistication of your employees with the service delivered by your CRM vendor
* How to understand delivery models and pick the right one for your circumstances
* And more!

All attendees will receive an advanced copy of the white paper.