SugarCRM Useful Tip – Importing Records

SugarCRM is very intuitive when it comes to the whole Import process. However, from time to time, some issues do crop up which can leave you scratching your head as to why you are receiving an error.

If you have checked and double checked your import file and can see no reason as to why you are still receiving import errors, there is one thing you should check before re-creating your entire import file.

It may be that one of your user settings is giving you an issue.
To check, click on your name at the top right of the screen, (or My Account depending on version and edition being used) and then look for the Date Format field. (this is on the Advanced tab of later SugarCRM versions).

This should match the date format being used in your import file.
For example, if you are using dd/mm/yyyy (UK date format) in your import file, but your SugarCRM user settings are set to use the default US format (mm/dd/yyyy), your data will error.

The reason why, under these circumstances, some data will still be imported, is that it is only if the day in your import file is larger than 12 that it will fail.
Also when you look at the successfully imported data you will find that a record which had a date of 10th January, (10/01 UK date format), in your import file will have imported into your SugarCRM system as 1st October, (10/01 US date format).

If this is the case, simply remove the data imported. If you are still in the import process, select “Undo Last Import”, then import the data again with the correct data format selected against your user account.

It’s such a simple resolution, but one which can leave you scratching your head for a while.

This tip was originally posted on the SugarUK Blogs where you can find a whole host of other useful SugarCRM tips.