Posted in September 2011

Lesson From a Spotty Social Media Strategy

(Editor’s note: chatting around the office can result in outbursts of coherence like this one, from David Bockian, who recapitulates this story and distills it to its essence – and even mentions ferrets in the process – the editor) If you make a business decision that causes your customers to say, “What were you thinking?”— … Continue reading

What is the Sugar Community?

We talk a lot about social CRM, communities and the like. The developer community – and the open source community, to be specific – was really the first to seize on the potential of the new communication technologies enabled by social media. We’re lucky over here at SugarCRM – we have an insider as our … Continue reading

How dramatic were Dreamforce 2011’s developments?

It may sound weird coming from me (considering this blog is sponsored by SugarCRM), but I’m always hoping for a real showstopper at’s Dreamforce bacchanal. The company has the attitude and the resources to really stitch together a set of products that completely squares the circle, but it always seems to stop just short … Continue reading