Posted in October 2011

Expert Voices: Kathy Herrmann on Determining SCRM ROI

By Chris Bucholtz Back when people were pooh-poohing social media and social CRM on the grounds that it was too difficult to determine return on investment (ROI), Kathy Herrmann was one of the few coherent voices in the crowd shouting back, “Yes! Yes, you can!” SCRM ROI has become slightly less mysterious and slightly better … Continue reading

Are your people the weak links in the CRM chain?

By Chris Bucholtz I never get tired of talking about CRM as a discipline, not a technology. Yes, yes, yes – the technology allows you to scale the discipline, but ultimately, the ideas, initiatives and actions that result from CRM and reach customers are not executed by technology – they’re executed by people. (Clint Oram, … Continue reading

The true value of Open

By John Mertic “Open Source” was the term coined that triggered a revolution in software.  Then came terms like Open Data, Open APIs, Open Architecture, and more. What do they all mean? Are they just like Open Source? I spent time recently at the Open Source Thinktank in Paris, where we wrestled with this very … Continue reading

SCRM Basics: Twitter, Why and How

A few years ago, when I worked over in San Francisco, I would occasionally  commute using the “casual car pool” system – in other words, at a designated congregation point, I’d get into a vehicle with a total stranger so that person could save bridge toll and I could save bus money.  It was less … Continue reading