Posted in January 2012

The customer’s role in CRM: speak up

By Chris Bucholtz When you work with CRM all day, you start to look at your interactions through CRM-tinted glasses. Sadly, much of what you see encapsulates the way CRM is either misused or ignored. For instance: Dear business that sends me too much junk: I appreciate that your email marketing system is integrated with … Continue reading

Choice: in CRM, it should be a top-to-bottom concept

By Chris Bucholtz I have long advocated the idea of CRM vendors behaving like CRM users – in other words, using the ideas that the discipline that CRM represents to run the business of selling CRM applications. A lot of vendors fall short of this; their internal needs trump the needs of their customers, and … Continue reading

The Top 20 CRM Blogs of 2011

By Chris Bucholtz This is the fifth year that  I’ve compiled a list of the best CRM blogs, and the trend is clear: more and better blogs on the topic of CRM are out there than ever before. In 2008, it was a struggle to find 20 good blogs on CRM; now, there are so … Continue reading