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Social CRM: Walk Before You Run

The customer has changed, the demands have changed and we have changed. Yes, “we!” We are all in the business of buying, so we do understand that side of the coin. There are some great ideas, even some really awesome technology components that can make up the pieces of a solid Social CRM strategy. However, … Continue reading

SugarCon Speaker Spotlight: Agency Q

The day after the close of a quarter (and a GREAT one at that) is traditionally a more relaxed day in the office. I WISH. So much is going on, especially with SugarCon just around the corner. And one of the reasons to attend SugarCon is to learn more about the business benefits of CRM … Continue reading

SugarCon Speaker Spotlight: Entrinsik

I have been following the Business Intelligence space for many years now. One of the most profound changes leading innovation in the sector has been what I call the “democratization of BI.” To me, the internet has leveled the playing field for technology vendors in many ways. Not just go-to-market strategies, but also leveraging the … Continue reading