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Thinking About the Web, the Desktop and the Evolution of CRM Apps

I had an interesting Twitter exchange today with analyst turned social guru Esteban Kolsky. (If you’re not already following him – do so now)  I asked the twitterverse what they felt the possibility of “the browser as the desktop” -thinking about how cloud-based software makes desktop operating systems (at least anything heavy) nearly obsolete. Think … Continue reading

AT&T and the iPhone: Service Over Functionality

I just came across a great post that really summarizes how AT&T is single-handily torpedoing the iPhone. Apple makes a slew of announcements out of its developer conference this week surrounding the upcoming iPhone 3G S and AT&T turns right around and drops a bombshell by announcing a hefty upgrade fee and lack of support … Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Novell’s Open App Store

I read that Novell is planning, or at least considering, launching its own app store for open source applications. I certainly agree with Novell’s VP of business development, Holger Dyroff, when he compares what’s happening on netbooks to what’s happening on the smartphones. Personally, I think netbooks are a short-term trend that will pass in … Continue reading

Monopolizing the Customer Experience

I’m kind of thinking out loud (typing out loud?) here, but a blog post by Sav Rodrigues of at InfoWorld got me thinking. Savio’s post is about the experience factor of the Linux desktop OS: people tend to pay the extra $50 for a Windows Netbook he argues because they simply know what to expect … Continue reading

CRM at Work

I was in touch with a partner today about CRM implementations and the volume and kinds of data that companies new to CRM are forced to handle. All too often, CRM becomes an exercise in managing customer information, as opposed to actual relationships. Businesses become to bogged down the numbers statistics instead of actually putting … Continue reading

One Billion iPhone Apps Proves the Promise of the Cloud

Just saw that Apple announced on Friday that it has seen more than one billion downloads of applications on the App Store and related areas for Apple iPhone applications. Wow. While the news is staggering – that is a ton of activity around a phone with limited network carriers etc., the real news here is … Continue reading

The Open Cloud in Action: Rhomobile

Not surprising to me, much of the talk both on and off the presentation stage at the Open Source Business Conference yesterday focused on the economy: when and if the rebound is coming, and how open source companies may or may not be poised to benefit the most from the recovery. But it was a … Continue reading