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Open Source and the Future of the Cloud

I just read a blog post about Amazon’s use of Oracle in the cloud that I can only call stupid. Just stupid. The post implies that open source will not grow in the cloud because enterprises want the tried and true expensive and inflexible nature of the Oracle database. Wait…what? While I will not argue … Continue reading

Salesforce’s DimDim Buy – A Typical Proprietary Move

Many have probably seen that has acquired web conferencing tools provider DimDim for $31m. (The rumors of this deal had been percolating since before Dreamforce so for many this was no surprise at all.) The deal pits in many ways against some big companies and very popular products – Citrix’s GoToMeeting and Cisco’s Webex, … Continue reading

What is IT’s Role in the Social CRM Revolution?

Cruel dictator? Benevolent gatekeeper? Ignorant chump? All these words could describe your IT department’s stance to social media and how your organization drives business value out of the social revolution. Really, what is the ideal role for IT when it comes to adding social tools into the day-to-day life of sales, marketing and support agents? … Continue reading

The Best Lock-In Strategy? Empower Your Customers!

SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin and Eucalyptus CEO former head of MySQL Marten Mickos sat down with Spikesource CEO Kim Polese at the Structure conference today. The talk was around SaaS/Cloud and open source. It was an interesting talk – and brought up some interesting points. I think the most interesting one was not necessarily around … Continue reading

Making SugarCRM Super Secure in the Cloud: Provident Technology

I have been spending time here in Dublin with our partner Provident Technology (Gary and John are as great at hospitality as they are aiding CRM implementations – in short, awesome). They have shown me an interesting integration they have done with Cryptocard. Essentially, Provident has enabled users of SugarCRM in the cloud to leverage … Continue reading