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Are you seizing social to see yourself as customers see you?

By Chris Bucholtz At the CRM Evolution show last week in rainy New York City, the Tuesday morning “breakfast session” hosted by Paul Greenberg was a notable gathering. The names in the room went beyond the panelists; the audience was full of big-name analysts, executives and smarty-pantses. Had a meteor hit this room, the CRM … Continue reading

Choice, Control and Conferences: Why the UnCon is Here to Stay

(Editor’s note: I was the session chairman for SugarCon, and picking the right content was tough and nerve wracking. On the other hand, John Mertic organized our “UnCon” – and seemed much less stressed! CRM conferences are starting to attract a broader spectrum of attendees – ranging from those just dipping a toe in the … Continue reading

Until We Meet Again

I am writing this the day after one of the most successful events in the history of SugarCRM, and perhaps one of the greatest collections of thinkers and doers I have ever seen. The crowd at SugarCon 2011 was vibrant, fun, smart, curious, skeptical, opinionated, established… I could go on and on…literally an AMAZING confluence … Continue reading

Is Sales Ahead or Behind the Social CRM Learning Curve?

When discussing the advent of the social business, I always hear questions like “where do we start?” and “what departments will/are most affected by social media?” The answer, to be a bit pat, to both these questions is “everywhere.” Social is a transformative phenomenon – one that is taking businesses from yesterday’s approach to scale … Continue reading

Get Social at SugarCon!!! (And Get a Great Rate)

I am freshly back in the office (OK, maybe fresh is not the right word, more like jet-lagged and overwhelmed with emails and projects) after an awesome two-week press tour in Europe. The media and analysts I met were all amazing, and really seemed to “get” where SugarCRM is going, our unique value proposition to … Continue reading

SugarCon is Coming – Lock-in a Great Rate Today!

The beginning of a new year means one thing at Sugar HQ – time to kick in to gear for SugarCon! SugarCon 2011 is already shaping up to be an AMAZING event. Between awesome evening events, a full-on social media “conference within a conference,” and a bazillion other cool sessions, speakers, special guests etc. – … Continue reading

Write Your Own SugarCRM Carol – Win an iPad!

I wanted to thank everyone who sent in emails, texts and voicemails about the SugarCRM Dreamforce carols – so many of you loved the concept and the creativity. Well, I thought – since it ’tis the season of giving and carols – let’s have a contest to see just how creative our Sugar community can … Continue reading

The Best Lock-In Strategy? Empower Your Customers!

SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin and Eucalyptus CEO former head of MySQL Marten Mickos sat down with Spikesource CEO Kim Polese at the Structure conference today. The talk was around SaaS/Cloud and open source. It was an interesting talk – and brought up some interesting points. I think the most interesting one was not necessarily around … Continue reading