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CRM’s Forgotten Features: Reminders

By Chris Bucholtz (Editor’s note: this is the fifth and final entry in our series on features in CRM that can expand your ROI – but which frequently go forgotten or ignored. Parts 1, 2 and 3 can be found here, here, here and here. Now, we say final – but if you think you have another feature that … Continue reading

CRM’s Forgotten Features: Security

Since customer data is often cited as the most valuable asset businesses have, nailing down the security aspects of CRM comes almost as a reflex – if you have customer data, you make sure it’s secure. Right? Sadly, no – getting the security features of CRM set up properly often escapes the attention of many … Continue reading

CRM’s Forgotten Features: Workflow

(Editor’s note: here’s the next chapter in our ongoing project to identify ways CRM users boost the ROI of their CRM investments by making greater and better use of features that often are ignored. This will manifest itself it a white paper, wrapped in a bit some insight, on how to avoid letting these features … Continue reading

CRM’s Forgotten Features: Internal Reporting

(Editor’s note: this is the first chapter in an ongoing project to identify ways CRM users can see greater return on their CRM investments by making greater and better use of features that often are ignored. Instead of pretending I know all these features, I’ve reached out to some of the best consultants and CRM … Continue reading

Five Very Smart People Define the Modern Cloud Application

By Chris Bucholtz “The cloud” is a term that has been abused, abducted, misappropriated, Shanghaied and commandeered for the evil purposes of vendors who see it more as a sales tool than as a definition that helps users understand a somewhat complex concept. (Well, not evil purposes, necessarily, but commercial purposes, certainly. And if intentionally … Continue reading

Are you seizing social to see yourself as customers see you?

By Chris Bucholtz At the CRM Evolution show last week in rainy New York City, the Tuesday morning “breakfast session” hosted by Paul Greenberg was a notable gathering. The names in the room went beyond the panelists; the audience was full of big-name analysts, executives and smarty-pantses. Had a meteor hit this room, the CRM … Continue reading