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Remember, No One “Owns” a Relationship

I was going to continue the comment thread in Mitch’s last post on VRM but I think it warrants its own post. Mitch hints in the title about the “responsibility” for managing a relationship, and who has the most responsibility for a relationship. I think that whole line of thinking is flawed, for many reasons. … Continue reading

An Open Source Suite for the Little Guy

Today, SugarCRM was part of an announcement with DataSync to now offer SMBs an integrated suite of small business applications, delivering Sugar Professional, Quickbooks, Zimbra and Drupal via a cloud-based Web portal. Here you have the ability for a small biz to get an integrated suite for email management, contact, accounting, Website management and sales, … Continue reading

Web 2.0 and E-Commerce: Sink or Swim?

Today saw an announced e-commerce integration with Magento through one of our Dutch partners, the idea being to allow users to automatically upload information such as registered customers, abandoned shopping carts and customer cases directly into SugarCRM. For only a few hundred bucks, it’s a powerful tool for SMBs looking to tie interactions on the … Continue reading

Building a Business on Open Source – Levementum

This week SugarCRM was announced a winner of the coveted Bossie award. The Sugar product was named a leader in the “Best of Open Source Enterprise Software” category. This is always a great honor, being recognized as the best in what you do. But a blog post from one of SugarCRM’s key partners Levementum caught … Continue reading

Can Companies Become More Predictive on the Web?

I received the results from a recent study conducted by SeeWhy Software, a company whose research and software I’m familiar with from my days at CRM magazine. They uncovered some interesting facts that I thought deserved being mentioned here. You can find the details of the report here, but in a nutshell, a survey of … Continue reading