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Search Versus Find, There is a Difference

While at the VRM+CRM conference a few weeks ago someone (my apologies I cannot remember who) did a nice job talking for a just a few minutes about the difference between ‘Searching’ and ‘Finding’. I have never really given it much thought, but there is a rather large distinction here. Wait, it must be Wednesday, … Continue reading

Thinking About the Web, the Desktop and the Evolution of CRM Apps

I had an interesting Twitter exchange today with analyst turned social guru Esteban Kolsky. (If you’re not already following him – do so now)  I asked the twitterverse what they felt the possibility of “the browser as the desktop” -thinking about how cloud-based software makes desktop operating systems (at least anything heavy) nearly obsolete. Think … Continue reading

Vendor Lock-In – Now Coming to Social Media?

I was made hip to an interesting strategy that Google has started around its Orkut social networking property. Given that Facebook is alluring nearly everyone on to its site, Google has decided to protect its network by blocking the export of contacts and other data as people try to migrate their online personas from Orkut … Continue reading

SugarCRM and Google Wave – My Take

Below, Colin makes some great points about the new Google Wave technology, and what it can mean in terms of augmenting common CRM processes. One thing I instantly thought about is how well the Sugar platform is poised to meld this type of technology. Yeah, I know, would I honestly blog about this if Sugar … Continue reading

The Next Wave of CRM? (Pun Intended)

I’ve been reading a lot this morning about Google’s latest announcement: the release of Google Wave to 100,000 developers for testing. I’ve always considered Google something of a dark horse in the world of IT, as they don’t compete directly with enterprise application providers but whose tools are always complementing the business processes providers like … Continue reading