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“Life is like a box of chocolates”…

stated Forrest Gump, in the 1994 Hollywood blockbuster of the same name, going on to add, “you never know what you’re going to get next”. But is that really true? Of course life itself is an unknown, that goes without saying. None of us has a crystal ball telling us what to expect next, when … Continue reading

The Cloud, Big Data, and the Future of CRM

I just read that Basho Technologies, which has created an open source, highly available and fault-tolerant data structure for the cloud called Riak, has landed a cool $7.5m in new funding. The news is interesting, as it shows more and more people are not only banking on NoSQL and other cloud-optimized data architectures from an … Continue reading

Open Source and the Future of the Cloud

I just read a blog post about Amazon’s use of Oracle in the cloud that I can only call stupid. Just stupid. The post implies that open source will not grow in the cloud because enterprises want the tried and true expensive and inflexible nature of the Oracle database. Wait…what? While I will not argue … Continue reading

The Socialization of IT

I know the subject line sounds kind of creepy. But, Co-conspirator Martin Schneider wrote a few weeks ago “What is ITs role in the Social CRM Revolution” and I could not help myself. Then, on this bright and sunny Monday morning, I see a post by Irving Wladawsky-Berger, where he tackles the topic of “IT … Continue reading