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Salesforce’s DimDim Buy – A Typical Proprietary Move

Many have probably seen that has acquired web conferencing tools provider DimDim for $31m. (The rumors of this deal had been percolating since before Dreamforce so for many this was no surprise at all.) The deal pits in many ways against some big companies and very popular products – Citrix’s GoToMeeting and Cisco’s Webex, … Continue reading and Jigsaw: One Half of a Good Idea

I think I would have preferred to call this one 1/100000000000th of a good idea…but it was less catchy. Today announced it will acquire business contacts data service Jigsaw for $142m. The move leaves with the ability to pre-load CRM accounts with data – OR – which is more likely, charge a premium … Continue reading

Repackaging the Old as the New

Conversations with customers I’ve recently conducted have garnered some feedback about the vendor market and providers who are simply repackaging existing products to sell or failing to deliver on promised functionality. With legacy vendors in particular you see this still being a common problem, or with companies that are acquisition happy and simply repackaging a … Continue reading

The SaaS/Cloud Computing Shakedown

I recently came across this Forbes article in the June issue by Sramana Mitra detailing some of the expected M&A activity in the SaaS space, including Citrix Systems, SuccessFactors, and NetSuite as possible targets. With many of these venture-funded businesses seeing their funding drying up, I imagine plenty of these companies will get acquired. On-premise … Continue reading

M&A Activity Blurring the Lines Between Software and Hardware

Plenty throughout the industry have talked about how cloud computing is blurring the lines between hardware and software. Traditional providers such as Cisco are in a perfect position to begin offering cloud computing services if and when they choose. But you’re starting to see M&A activity reflect the blurring boundaries between hardware and software as … Continue reading

April M&A Numbers a Sign of Good Things to Come?

Just wanted to comment on the positive numbers my ex-associate at the 451 Group and very brilliant M&A analyst Brenon Daly put together showing the deal trends so far in 2009. As noted in his recent blog post – April was a banner month for deals, even in this economy. Total deals in the sector … Continue reading