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Search Versus Find, There is a Difference

While at the VRM+CRM conference a few weeks ago someone (my apologies I cannot remember who) did a nice job talking for a just a few minutes about the difference between ‘Searching’ and ‘Finding’. I have never really given it much thought, but there is a rather large distinction here. Wait, it must be Wednesday, … Continue reading

Poll Results: Low CRM Adoption or Lots of Opportunity?

In my latest Outsiders monthly poll I asked the blog readership and the Twitterverse at large what NON-CRM system they are most using in their organizations.  Here was the breakout: 43% – Email/Spreadsheets 22% – Online data Service (Hoover’s, InsideView, Jigsaw etc.) 18% – Social Network (Facebook, LinkedIn) 12% – Twitter 4% – Other OK, … Continue reading

Why I Like Microsoft in the Clouds

It is odd to see a company filled with open source wonks excited about working closely with Microsoft. However, the guys in Redmond have a pretty strong vision for cloud computing in Azure – one that I personally feel is different than anyone making a major play for the cloud today. Why? Well, for a … Continue reading

SugarCRM and Open-Xchange – Managing Your Social CRM

SugarCRM is partnering with open source groupware provider Open Xchange, a move that offers yet even more choice for enterprises of all sizes looking for affordable, flexible software solutions. But the move is a little more than a “Microsoft alternative” situation. While Open-Xchange does of course handle a lot of the tasks as Microsoft’s tool, … Continue reading