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Monopolizing the Customer Experience

I’m kind of thinking out loud (typing out loud?) here, but a blog post by Sav Rodrigues of at InfoWorld got me thinking. Savio’s post is about the experience factor of the Linux desktop OS: people tend to pay the extra $50 for a Windows Netbook he argues because they simply know what to expect … Continue reading

Sometimes the More Things Change…

The folks over at Microsoft CRM have been making some announcements this week. And most of the stuff, in my opinion, is a step in the right direction. The free add-ons are a handful of strong features that I can see a lot of people using. The notion of creating a value-based ecosystem is not … Continue reading

Microsoft’s and Sun’s Take on the Cloud

I’ve been reading up on Sun Microsystem’s latest offering in the cloud computing space, and taken in the context of Martin’s recent post on Microsoft’s take on the cloud, found some points that nicely compliment each other. Cloud computing still has a long way to go before it reaches the enterprise mainstream, but it’s obvious … Continue reading

SXSW Panel Shows Microsoft Gets Cloud Computing

I just followed a long Twitter channel and some press and blog reports from a panel on Cloud Computing held at the South by Southwest festival in Austin Texas. (How cloud computing can find its way into what has traditionally been an indie music festival shows just how amorphous a concept cloud really is.) The … Continue reading

Will Yang’s Departure Bring Microsoft Back to Yahoo?

Just saw that Jeffry Yang will step-down as CEO of Yahoo – after what some observers see as two major failures as leader of the internet search pioneer. The general notion is that the departure means that a more operations-based chief will take charge, and help streamline Yahoo’s lines of business. But I also think … Continue reading