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Does Santa Use SugarCRM?

I just wanted to share a little Sugar-themed holiday fun from our UK partner EnableIT.  This came from a listing on the SugarCRM LinkedIN group. I’ve also added a few of my own… Signs that Santa Claus might be using SugarCRM: Every year, without fail, he knows which leads to follow up, based on a selection criteria … Continue reading

Taking CRM Global, Mobile and Social

I try to walk a pretty clear line here on the blog, even though it does blue from time to time. What I mean, is that while I am obviously biased towards SugarCRM, I try to keep this blog a more open discussion and an inclusive discussion about next-generation sales, marketing and support technology and … Continue reading

Thinking About the Web, the Desktop and the Evolution of CRM Apps

I had an interesting Twitter exchange today with analyst turned social guru Esteban Kolsky. (If you’re not already following him – do so now)  I asked the twitterverse what they felt the possibility of “the browser as the desktop” -thinking about how cloud-based software makes desktop operating systems (at least anything heavy) nearly obsolete. Think … Continue reading

Check out Sugar 5.5 (Now in GA Form)!

It has been a busy week here as usual at Sugar HQ, but especially so as we made Sugar 5.5 generally available this week. Sugar 5.5 has a lot of the typical “cool stuff” one expects for a major product release. The Mobile Studio Editor may be my favorite. SugarCRM has made mobile apps a … Continue reading

AT&T and the iPhone: Service Over Functionality

I just came across a great post that really summarizes how AT&T is single-handily torpedoing the iPhone. Apple makes a slew of announcements out of its developer conference this week surrounding the upcoming iPhone 3G S and AT&T turns right around and drops a bombshell by announcing a hefty upgrade fee and lack of support … Continue reading