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Idol, no longer just for TV only…

CRMOutsiders is an industry blog and I just read about a great new competition in our industry.  So here’s the great news I HAVE to share with you all. Paul Greenberg, one of CRM’s most respected visionaries, just launched CRM Idol 2011, a wonderful competition from the CRM Entrepreneurs among us.   If you are … Continue reading

Knowledge Versus Experience

I have been a bit distracted for the past few days, thinking about a few projects I am working on, as well as trying to create some original content for a client. I have been able to spend a little time reading, though not as much time as I would like. One thing I have … Continue reading

Transparency Is A Characteristic, Not A Goal

I have been witnessing some strange things lately, not sure if you have noticed it too. For one, it is nearly 95 degrees outside, and I live in northern Vermont. I am not used to the heat; however the heat wave might be having a impact, making people do strange things. The strangeness I am … Continue reading

Interoperability, at any Cost…

Sometimes I am amazed at just how different the consumer technology world looks at interoperability and industry standards as compared to the B2B and general app software industry. I really do believe that concepts like the cloud and open source have ushered in a new era of application design and deployment – integration and coexistence … Continue reading

Kindle vs. CrunchPad – Which Would You Own?

I’m sure there are a lot of Kindle owners reading this blog (or maybe I’m just overestimating my readership) and I must admit I’ve flirted with buying one. I, like many, want to consider myself mildly intelligent and cultured and continue to read books, but the iTunes lifestyle has made buying paper books a crazy … Continue reading

Have a Great SugarCRM Story? Let the World Know…

Just a quick note. Colin and my old haunt CRM magazine is accepting nominations for CRM Market Leaders – including nominations from end-user companies that have had successful CRM rollouts. So, if you have a great Sugar success story to share – drop CRM Magazine a line and let the world know.

The Software Industry Could Learn a Thing or Two From GM

I’ve been reading a lot about General Motor’s bankruptcy filing the past few days, which got me thinking. GM, among others, became notorious for “over-productizing” their businesses with too many competing brands, and probably would have been financially healthier if they had shed underperforming properties earlier. In that context, there’s a lot of similarities that … Continue reading

Imagining a Recession Without Social Media…

We all know – and are hopefully mildly relieved by the fact – that every some odd years the economy goes down the toilet for a little while. Ah, the wonder of cyclical economics. But what is interesting to me about this recession is that there are now more and more tools available for individuals … Continue reading