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The Best Lock-In Strategy? Empower Your Customers!

SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin and Eucalyptus CEO former head of MySQL Marten Mickos sat down with Spikesource CEO Kim Polese at the Structure conference today. The talk was around SaaS/Cloud and open source. It was an interesting talk – and brought up some interesting points. I think the most interesting one was not necessarily around … Continue reading and Jigsaw: One Half of a Good Idea

I think I would have preferred to call this one 1/100000000000th of a good idea…but it was less catchy. Today announced it will acquire business contacts data service Jigsaw for $142m. The move leaves with the ability to pre-load CRM accounts with data – OR – which is more likely, charge a premium … Continue reading

SugarCon Speaker Spotlight: Talend

In a perfect world, we would begin our CRM implementation the first day we start our business. And we’d have just one system of data to deal with when it came to marketing, selling and providing support to our customers. We all know that is a pipe dream. The reality is that we all have … Continue reading