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Siemens Says Enough to SAP Support

It seems that Siemens, one of SAP’s largest customers, has said enough to bloated maintenance and licensing costs and is pushing back in an effort for to get more favorable support of their enterprise software packages. I’ve heard rumors that Siemens has been paying upwards of $50 million a year in support charges for approximately … Continue reading

PaaS, Cloud Computing and Common Sense

I’ve been looking over the data surrounding the closing of business for platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider Coghead, and its subsequent selling of assets to SAP. In a lot of ways, both sides of this event come as little surprise. Here’s why: While the cloud concept is going to open a lot of opportunities in general, it … Continue reading

Shane On You

The money, resources and time invested by businesses for enterprise applications can be staggering. Such is the importance that software plays in the world of corporate America today, and such is the importance in investing those resources wisely and in the right application. So when I came across this PC World article about Shane Co., … Continue reading

Ingres CEO: Open Source Lookin Good for 09’

Roger Burkhardt, president and CEO of Ingres, outlined some great open source predictions for 2009 in this editorial. In particular, points 3 and 5 really drive home trends already playing out in the market, and that should continue to in 09’. Open source and cloud computing will be a major theme at SugarCon this … Continue reading

SAP Now Turning to a Wookey to Head Up On-Demand Offering

I’ve been reading a lot about SAP’s recent hiring of John Wookey, the former Oracle executive that’s now in charge of SAP’s on-demand architecture. My reason for blogging on the topic is partially personnel, as I’ve met John Wookey on a number of occasions while attending Oracle events as an editor at CRM magazine. He’s … Continue reading