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Open Source and the Future of the Cloud

I just read a blog post about Amazon’s use of Oracle in the cloud that I can only call stupid. Just stupid. The post implies that open source will not grow in the cloud because enterprises want the tried and true expensive and inflexible nature of the Oracle database. Wait…what? While I will not argue … Continue reading

Opening Up MDM

One of our data integration partners, Talend, announced that they were adding to their data integration offerings with the industry’s first ever open source MDM (master data management) solution, technology based on their purchase of MDM vendor Amalto. It’s a small, but noteworthy announcement, because here again you see open source opening the door for … Continue reading

Siemens Says Enough to SAP Support

It seems that Siemens, one of SAP’s largest customers, has said enough to bloated maintenance and licensing costs and is pushing back in an effort for to get more favorable support of their enterprise software packages. I’ve heard rumors that Siemens has been paying upwards of $50 million a year in support charges for approximately … Continue reading

More Support for Private Clouds

This Forbes article by Dan Woods brings up some interesting points about the increasingly elastic definition of cloud computing. First, it continues to drive the notion that private clouds are going to be a large portion of cloud-based deployments. However, Woods argues that some private clouds may be appliance-based. This goes against some definitions around … Continue reading

Mythbusters: Cloud Computing Edition

Computerworld online has a great article by Rob Scheier about the myths surrounding cloud computing. It’s a great read – and up front dispels the main myth – that there is just one “cloud” or even a single definition of what it means to be a cloud. I’m hearing that a lot of people are … Continue reading

M&A Activity Blurring the Lines Between Software and Hardware

Plenty throughout the industry have talked about how cloud computing is blurring the lines between hardware and software. Traditional providers such as Cisco are in a perfect position to begin offering cloud computing services if and when they choose. But you’re starting to see M&A activity reflect the blurring boundaries between hardware and software as … Continue reading

A History Lesson in CRM

I couldn’t resist commenting on Martin’s blog post below, in addition to the linked comments made by Josh Weinberger and Jill Dyche over on the blog. I’ve always been a big history buff, mostly because it provides perspective on what’s happening today and what we can expect in the immediate future, whether it be … Continue reading

April M&A Numbers a Sign of Good Things to Come?

Just wanted to comment on the positive numbers my ex-associate at the 451 Group and very brilliant M&A analyst Brenon Daly put together showing the deal trends so far in 2009. As noted in his recent blog post – April was a banner month for deals, even in this economy. Total deals in the sector … Continue reading

Ingres CEO: Open Source Lookin Good for 09’

Roger Burkhardt, president and CEO of Ingres, outlined some great open source predictions for 2009 in this editorial. In particular, points 3 and 5 really drive home trends already playing out in the market, and that should continue to in 09’. Open source and cloud computing will be a major theme at SugarCon this … Continue reading