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Opening Up MDM

One of our data integration partners, Talend, announced that they were adding to their data integration offerings with the industry’s first ever open source MDM (master data management) solution, technology based on their purchase of MDM vendor Amalto. It’s a small, but noteworthy announcement, because here again you see open source opening the door for … Continue reading

M&A Activity Blurring the Lines Between Software and Hardware

Plenty throughout the industry have talked about how cloud computing is blurring the lines between hardware and software. Traditional providers such as Cisco are in a perfect position to begin offering cloud computing services if and when they choose. But you’re starting to see M&A activity reflect the blurring boundaries between hardware and software as … Continue reading

April M&A Numbers a Sign of Good Things to Come?

Just wanted to comment on the positive numbers my ex-associate at the 451 Group and very brilliant M&A analyst Brenon Daly put together showing the deal trends so far in 2009. As noted in his recent blog post – April was a banner month for deals, even in this economy. Total deals in the sector … Continue reading

Microsoft’s and Sun’s Take on the Cloud

I’ve been reading up on Sun Microsystem’s latest offering in the cloud computing space, and taken in the context of Martin’s recent post on Microsoft’s take on the cloud, found some points that nicely compliment each other. Cloud computing still has a long way to go before it reaches the enterprise mainstream, but it’s obvious … Continue reading

Artificial Abundance? I Don’t Think So

Blogger Hank Williams has an interesting post in his excellently titled blog “Why Does Everything Suck” detailing the challenges that “free” presents to many of the Internet and software-based business models that have prevailed for the prior 30 years. William’s thesis is that there are not enough ad dollars to support free models and equates … Continue reading

EnterpriseDB Cashes In Courtesy of IBM

EnterpriseDB today announced that it has secured $10 million in Series C funding, which includes backing from IBM. With a total of $37.5 million in funding to date, the company certainly isn’t hurting for cash. Nor is it hurting for competition, as CEO Andy Astor has made it perfectly clear that it intends to go … Continue reading

Fake Steve Jobs Speaks Open Source

Dave Rosenberg eluded to an interview in his blog yesterday that he conducted with Matt Asay and Daniel Lyons during this week’s episode of Open Season. For those of you not familiar with Lyons, he is a senior editor with Forbes magazine, and otherwise known by his alter ego, Fake Steve Jobs, thanks to his … Continue reading

Sugar, Sun and the Scalability of Web Apps…

A few months ago I worked with SugarCRM co-founder and CTO Jacob Taylor on a technical white paper that exhibited a lot of the performance and scalability capabilities of SugarCRM. It was a great learning experience and a great way to show how scalable SugarCRM is as a PHP-based application. Too many people still hold … Continue reading