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Retention prevention: Charter axes social media support

Social media-enabled service is a trend whose value seems painfully obvious: if someone’s asking for help from your company on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google +, it’s a smart move to respond to them for a number of reasons. First off, they’re customers, and they have a problem. That should be reason number one. Second, … Continue reading

A holiday idea: practicing the business of kindness (BBC-style)

While running around doing Christmas shopping, I happened to hear an episode of the BBC’s “Global Business” on the local NPR station. It was about what they called “the Business of Kindness.” What they really were talking about was the idea of building relationships with customers, with suppliers – with all the people one does … Continue reading

CRM’s Forgotten Features: Web-to-Lead Forms

By Chris Bucholtz (Here’s number four in our five-part series on features in CRM that can expand your ROI – but which frequently go forgotten or ignored. Parts 1, 2 and 3 can be found here, here and here.) When many first-time users envision CRM, many of them see this: a system that allows them … Continue reading

Curing Pain Points in CRM Requires a Diagnosis First, then Treatment

By Chris Bucholtz I learned long ago that, for businesses to make significant changes or significant investments, it requires significant pain. I learned this while covering the telecommunications industry, a collection of enormous corporations that saw change as an opponent of revenue. Back in the 1990s – around 1996, and the signing of the Telecommunications … Continue reading

CRM’s Forgotten Features: Workflow

(Editor’s note: here’s the next chapter in our ongoing project to identify ways CRM users boost the ROI of their CRM investments by making greater and better use of features that often are ignored. This will manifest itself it a white paper, wrapped in a bit some insight, on how to avoid letting these features … Continue reading