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Xactly takes aim on the lower end of the sophistication slope

By Chris Bucholtz CRM is critically important to businesses as they grow. I think we can all agree on that. But is it all there is to your customer-facing business software ecosystem? Like most things, the correct answer is “it depends,” which is a totally accurate and yet fully unsatisfying response. It depends on your … Continue reading

5 Compelling Reasons to Have a Team of Home Agents

Editor’s note: CRM and the contact center are often viewed as two different entities – one an aid for generating revenue, the other a cost center. One’s seen as new, the other as old. The reality is that the two are complimentary – poor contact center operations will nullify all the good CRM practices your … Continue reading

Hannants: the very model of a perfect apology

By Chris Bucholtz I’ve never seen a company so willing to apologize, and so quick to both fall on its own sword with customers and be completely transparent about issues that affect them, than Hannants, a hobby shop in the United Kingdom. It’s not like they make many mistakes. This is a pretty well-run business. … Continue reading

Letting the User Take Control

SugarCon spotlighted a kit of positive results that come from building an ecosystem, and by being part of an ecosystem. The most evident manifestation of that may have been the App Throwdown, in which six SugarCRM partners presented really neat new integrations – the kinds of things that made you sit up and think, “I … Continue reading

If a Tweet falls during SugarCon, does EVERYONE hear it?

By Chris Bucholtz I know the Outsiders has been a little quiet this week. That’s because I’m up to my elbows in SugarCon – which is a really great show, and I’d be saying that even if I wasn’t the show chair. If you want a great stream-of-exceptionally-elevated-CRM-consciousness peek inside the show, check out Twitter … Continue reading