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Idol, no longer just for TV only…

CRMOutsiders is an industry blog and I just read about a great new competition in our industry.  So here’s the great news I HAVE to share with you all. Paul Greenberg, one of CRM’s most respected visionaries, just launched CRM Idol 2011, a wonderful competition from the CRM Entrepreneurs among us.   If you are … Continue reading

Is Sales Ahead or Behind the Social CRM Learning Curve?

When discussing the advent of the social business, I always hear questions like “where do we start?” and “what departments will/are most affected by social media?” The answer, to be a bit pat, to both these questions is “everywhere.” Social is a transformative phenomenon – one that is taking businesses from yesterday’s approach to scale … Continue reading

Get Social at SugarCon!!! (And Get a Great Rate)

I am freshly back in the office (OK, maybe fresh is not the right word, more like jet-lagged and overwhelmed with emails and projects) after an awesome two-week press tour in Europe. The media and analysts I met were all amazing, and really seemed to “get” where SugarCRM is going, our unique value proposition to … Continue reading

Is Your CRM System a Two-Way Street?

If you haven’t heard, Mitch and I are getting set to rap about social media and CRM in the “CRM in the age of Now” webinar sponsored by SugarCRM next week. We hope you can join us. In getting ready for this event, going over slides and ideas, an interesting topic came up. In describing … Continue reading

Breaking the Social/Sharing – Life/Work Divide…

Mitch brings up some good points about adoption vs. adapting when it comes to social business. For many in the CRM industry, I think they see “social” as a sort of magic bullet, one that will create a scenario where seemingly overnight, their boring and ugly applications will turn into apps sales, marketing and support … Continue reading