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Call Centers Staying the Course – Good News

Saw a tweet from Mila D’Antonio of 1:1 Media that said a recent report from Frost and Sullivan written by Keith Dawson says most contact centers are not planning to drop headcount this year. That’s good to hear. Yeah, sure, we’re in a recession and of course companies are finally getting it when it comes … Continue reading

Video-Enabled Call Centers

In follow-up discussions with a former colleague of mine over at Datamonitor, I came across a company called CosmoCom, which among other services, provides call centers with video-enabled solutions. Needless to say there’s a ton of potential here. Call centers no longer limited to the voice medium could offer huge bonuses in terms of the … Continue reading

Underutilizing CRM During an Economic Downturn

Phone calls this week with customers and for sales references underscored a somewhat disturbing trend I’ve noticed within the CRM industry. Business simply aren’t using their CRM packages to the fullest. When the going gets tough, everybody is forced to dig a little deeper; CRM isn’t an exception. In the call center, Martin touched upon … Continue reading

CRM and Call Centers at Odds…Who Knew?

Most of us in the CRM world see the marriage between CRM software and call centers a happy one, I mean, where else do you really relate to customers (read: not prospects) but in the call center. And while call centers tend to be where customer interact with you at their most unhappy moments – … Continue reading

United Airlines Unites on Customer Service

I read that United Airlines is planning on resourcing its India and Mexico-based call centers back into the United States, while at the same pushing cheaper and more efficient mediums when collecting feedback from customers. Offshoring call centers has always presented businesses with a double-edged sword, both in terms of the actual service provided versus … Continue reading