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The Socialization of IT

I know the subject line sounds kind of creepy. But, Co-conspirator Martin Schneider wrote a few weeks ago “What is ITs role in the Social CRM Revolution” and I could not help myself. Then, on this bright and sunny Monday morning, I see a post by Irving Wladawsky-Berger, where he tackles the topic of “IT … Continue reading

The Consumerization of the Enterprise

I have been guest posting here on Outsiders for only a short time. After this post, one may wonder whether I will be invited back for more, or not. So, I will quickly get to the point. Two things happened during this past week which drove me to write this post. Marc Benioff wrote a … Continue reading

CRM Evolution: Platforms On Display

In speaking with prospecting customers and partners at CRM Evolution 2009, it’s never been more apparent to me that the days of large CRM/ERP/SCM suite deployments are steadily coming to an end. Nearly every prospect, both large, name-brand enterprises down to small businesses that we spoke to were looking to purchase a CRM application and … Continue reading

Are the Glory Days of IT Spending Over?

I came across this column from the Sunday New York Times by Randall Stross detailing his and Tom Siebel’s take on the slowing of IT spending. To Stross’ credit, he remarks that Tom Siebel “may well be wrong,” but like many who attempt to measure this market, Stross makes the mistake of lumping all spending … Continue reading