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Lesson From a Spotty Social Media Strategy

(Editor’s note: chatting around the office can result in outbursts of coherence like this one, from David Bockian, who recapitulates this story and distills it to its essence – and even mentions ferrets in the process – the editor) If you make a business decision that causes your customers to say, “What were you thinking?”— … Continue reading

15 Things NOT to share with your Social Network

Now that CRM is going Social and your activities are being streamed live into people’s work lives, it’s even more important to remember that you don’t have to (and in some cases definitely shouldn’t) share everything in your social media streams. For years we have been told Information Exchange is great and that knowledge shared … Continue reading

Social Identity Tracking – Beyond “Googling”

A lot of us here at SugarCRM have been following the social media craze from different angles. Some are following with great interest, some with enthusiasm, and others with a touch of practical skepticism. I think I may fall into all camps. We had an email discussion around some new social media tools over the … Continue reading

A Great Example of Social Media in Action

I just came across a nice example of a customer that’s leveraging social media in a simple, yet efficient manner. In many aspects, social CRM is still viewed very much as a nice-to-have or not-at-all, which I think in part is because many are trying to bite off more than they can chew. Like any … Continue reading

Why Twitter’s Loyalty Numbers Stink

Thanks to Brent Leary who pointed out – via Twitter of course – that Twitter has a lot of activity but very low loyalty rates versus other social media. Check this chart out: Twitter has an issue, according to these Nielsen numbers, of getting newcomers to keep tweeting after the first month. I think the … Continue reading

Measuring Your Social Media Success

I recorded an interesting webinar the other day with SugarCRM co-founder Clint Oram, and a question came up asking “How do you measure your social CRM or social media interactions in terms of metrics?” It is a good question, really. Clint offered some sensible insight – pointing out that in their barest sense, all too … Continue reading