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Gartner: CRM Market Continues to Grow

In its annual CRM market share report, Gartner found that despite the current economic state we find ourselves in, CRM market revenue grew 12.5% in 2008, driven primarily by on-demand software and analytics packages. It’s a good sign, adn one that points to businesses reasserting their value in current customers during a time when purchasing … Continue reading

Gartner: An Honest Take on SaaS

It’s refreshing to see a major analytics firm like Gartner issuing a report about the hype that’s surrounded SaaS for years now. Whether SaaS truly is more affordable than on-premise installations has been a debate that’s raged within the industry for years. As a former editor at CRM magazine, I remember covering the story from … Continue reading

Musings from the Gartner CRM Conference

About to head out of my hotel room for day 2 of the Gartner CRM Conference.  Day 1 was a whirlwhind, and we were lucky enough to have some great meetings with some key analysts. One of the things I like about this conference is that it reminds me just how large the overall ecosystem … Continue reading

Gartner is Missing the Boat on Open Source

Gartner released its “Top 10 Technologies” report this past week, and open source wasn’t on it. Here it is: Multicore and hybrid processes Virtualization and fabric computing Social networks and social software Cloud computing and cloud/Web platforms Web mashups User Interface Ubiquitous computing Contextual computing Augmented reality Semantics I was disappointed not to find OS … Continue reading

Web 2.0 Creeping in as an IT Spend Priority

Ben Worthen of the Wall Street Journal wrote up a nice, succinct review of the latest Gartner survey of CIOs regarding IT spend in 2008. Business intelligence is the biggest priority, but there were some surprises: Another trend that emerged from the survey: Close to a third of the businesses surveyed plan to increase their … Continue reading