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An InsideView Look at SugarCon and Sales Intelligence

Last week was the annual SugarCRM Customer & Developer Conference called SugarCon. InsideView made a big announcement related to all SugarCRM users being preloaded with sales intelligence. The partnership comes at a time when sales people are overwhelmed with an explosion of data that leaves them spending more time searching for information and less time … Continue reading

InsideView CEO Talks Social Media and CRM

Just listened to and tweeted about a great podcast with Umberto Milletti, CEO of InsideView (and a Sugar partner doing some really great sales intelligence stuff). Umberto gives some strong background about the kinds of sources to link to CRM, and some data issues that third-party providers can help you avoid. Check out the podcast … Continue reading

Search, Unstructured Data Management, and CRM – My Take

I wanted to follow up on Colin’s post, for two reasons.  One, this is a topic near and dear to me. And secondly, my Bloglines reader is not working so I haven’t been able to scan the blogosphere effectively enough to think of anything else to write about. Just kidding…maybe. In 2005 I co-authored a … Continue reading

Maybe they’ll Make a Scotch-Flavored Candy Bar…

Busy day here at SugarHQ…some major announcements brewing and much to do around that – everyone is excited. But some random thoughts did pop up… As I was rummaging through my Google alerts and saw that Glenfiddich hired a new agency, Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw, to outsource their CRM initiatives. Usually I dislike when companies … Continue reading

SugarCRM and the “Socialprise”

The social web, social customer, etc. talk is not subsiding when it comes to CRM. While I may seem a bit weary of all this talk, especially with so little substance behind it for the most part, I was glad to see some movement in the right direction today. InsideView, which offers a freemium approach … Continue reading