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Call for Questions – Cloud, Social CRM, and Mashups

We are trying something new with a webinar we’re recording this week.  Rather than take questions from the audience I thought we’d scour the blogosphere and Twitterverse for questions surrounding the topics at hand, namely: Cloud Computing and CRM deployments Social CRM Mashups, the Next Generation If you have a question on these topics you’d … Continue reading

Call For Questions: Cloud, Social CRM and Next-Gen Mashups

I am in the process of planning a webinar and the topic is centered on the next generation web-based platforms and several of the implications of this evolution in application development and deployment. In order to hit the right topics – and keep it a lively discussion – I am asking for your questions and … Continue reading

Mashups: The Enterprise 2.0 of Tomorrow, or Even Today

I’ve been knee deep in sales references today (always a good problem to have) and during the course of several conversations with customers came across some fodder for today’s blog. Specifically, we were talking mashups. It seems there has been genuine interest in being a leading provider of enterprise mashup tools as organizations begin getting … Continue reading

Out of the Box vs. Out-of-the-Box

I am doing a lot of analyst and press briefings for our next release (which is awesome BTW) and I always get the question: How much of this is out-of-the-box functionality? And I answer in kind.  Fine. But on a call with the always illuminating Denis Pombriant of Beagle Research (seriously, I never leave a … Continue reading