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AT&T and the iPhone: Service Over Functionality

I just came across a great post that really summarizes how AT&T is single-handily torpedoing the iPhone. Apple makes a slew of announcements out of its developer conference this week surrounding the upcoming iPhone 3G S and AT&T turns right around and drops a bombshell by announcing a hefty upgrade fee and lack of support … Continue reading

The Open Cloud in Action: Rhomobile

Not surprising to me, much of the talk both on and off the presentation stage at the Open Source Business Conference yesterday focused on the economy: when and if the rebound is coming, and how open source companies may or may not be poised to benefit the most from the recovery. But it was a … Continue reading

Mobile Vs. Offline CRM

We are still seeing huge interest and uptake of Sugar 5.1 thanks in part to the very cool updated mobile capabilities. With the growing acceptance of the mobile web browser as the de facto interface for mobile business apps, coupled with the iPhone becoming increasingly “enterprise ready” the SugarCRM mobile story is complete and rolling … Continue reading

Web Conferencing…And Selling…in the Power of Your Hand

In the last year I’ve taken note of emerging technologies that are driving the concept of Internet-based selling, and that spell the demise of the large, enterprise-size sales forces. Current economic conditions will only hasten this process, as businesses look to cut travel expenses and work budget-cutting processes and technologies into the way they interact … Continue reading

Web 2.0, Mobility and CRM…

I had an email discussion with a former colleague of mine at CRM magazine yesterday about Web 2.0, mobility and CRM. The discussion touched upon some points that parrelled some of the topics I discussed in a blog last week about Web 2.0 and advertising. To me, it seems the mobility space is both exciting … Continue reading

Shameless Self-Promotion Dept: Sugar Wireless

I have had my head in the Sugar Wireless 2.0 upgrades for the past week or so, doing some demos and other work around the enhanced capabilities. So, when I saw this primer for Mobile CRM at My Customer.com I was glad to see that people are getting it more and more when it comes … Continue reading