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The true value of Open

By John Mertic “Open Source” was the term coined that triggered a revolution in software.  Then came terms like Open Data, Open APIs, Open Architecture, and more. What do they all mean? Are they just like Open Source? I spent time recently at the Open Source Thinktank in Paris, where we wrestled with this very … Continue reading

What is the Sugar Community?

We talk a lot about social CRM, communities and the like. The developer community – and the open source community, to be specific – was really the first to seize on the potential of the new communication technologies enabled by social media. We’re lucky over here at SugarCRM – we have an insider as our … Continue reading

The Next Evolution in Enterprise Software

As something of a follow up to my blog on software platforms, discussions in recent weeks at the CRM Evolution conference and with other industry pundits has shed some light on where the enterprise IT industry is heading in general. Just a year ago it seemed the concept of Web-based and open standard-based software being … Continue reading

Building a Business on Open Source – Levementum

This week SugarCRM was announced a winner of the coveted Bossie award. The Sugar product was named a leader in the “Best of Open Source Enterprise Software” category. This is always a great honor, being recognized as the best in what you do. But a blog post from one of SugarCRM’s key partners Levementum caught … Continue reading

Open Source on Display

InfoWorld.com put together a great synopsis of the best 40 open source products they see being leveraged in the IT market today. But what impresses me is the level of penetration that open source has made across the entire IT spectrum in database, middleware, applications and others. Everything from desktop management and OSS systems to … Continue reading

CRM Evolution: Platforms On Display

In speaking with prospecting customers and partners at CRM Evolution 2009, it’s never been more apparent to me that the days of large CRM/ERP/SCM suite deployments are steadily coming to an end. Nearly every prospect, both large, name-brand enterprises down to small businesses that we spoke to were looking to purchase a CRM application and … Continue reading

The ROI Behind CRM Upgrades

I’ve been reading a lot lately about upgrades and product enhancements from the likes of Oracle, Salesforce.com and others. During a down economy, the pressure only increases to realize ROI after making an upgrade, and for enterprises running legacy CRM applications, weighing that decision can be a tough one. It’s a no-brainer, but CRM initiatives … Continue reading

Interoperability, at any Cost…

Sometimes I am amazed at just how different the consumer technology world looks at interoperability and industry standards as compared to the B2B and general app software industry. I really do believe that concepts like the cloud and open source have ushered in a new era of application design and deployment – integration and coexistence … Continue reading