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Cloud Computing and Outsourcing: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

I came across a fresh report by Information Technology Intelligence that only 15 percent of the 300 enterprise companies surveyed will adopt cloud computing over the coming year. The figures don’t surprise me, nor do I think they should surprise others as well, as plenty of industry surveys have shown similar results. While Information Technology … Continue reading

CRM Outsourcing in a Recession – Too Big A Risk to Take?

I just saw that some companies are back to looking at CRM outsourcing in light of the economic conditions. The idea of outsourcing business processes, especially as overhead becomes a major cost concern, makes sense in some areas. Generic processes that are not specific to how you do business, such as payroll, are GREAT outsourcing … Continue reading

Comcast Bucks the Outsourcing Trend

I just came across a great example of a company that’s bucking the call center outsourcing trend. Comcast, in response to burgeoning demand from the Arab-American community, is opening its first bilingual service center today to serve its Arabic speaking customers. You can check it out here. The facility, which is located in Dearborn, Michigan, … Continue reading