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The Key Attributes of Platform Offerings

I’ve been seeing a number of vendors debuting new platform strategies and solutions – such as Jaspersoft and LongJump – in recent weeks. The idea of leveraging an application’s base functionality as a platform into other capabilities is now well established, and I believe the future of business software, but I still see a lot … Continue reading

PaaS, Cloud Computing and Common Sense

I’ve been looking over the data surrounding the closing of business for platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider Coghead, and its subsequent selling of assets to SAP. In a lot of ways, both sides of this event come as little surprise. Here’s why: While the cloud concept is going to open a lot of opportunities in general, it … Continue reading

SugarCon 2009: CRM as a Platform on Display

I’ve been speaking with a number of customers over the past week who will be speaking at SugarCon this year, and they all present a common thread: CRM as a platform. They’re leveraging our Professional and Enterprise versions in ways we could have never imagined…as partner relationship management (PRM) solutions, customer interaction hubs linking industry-specific … Continue reading