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An InsideView Look at SugarCon and Sales Intelligence

Last week was the annual SugarCRM Customer & Developer Conference called SugarCon. InsideView made a big announcement related to all SugarCRM users being preloaded with sales intelligence. The partnership comes at a time when sales people are overwhelmed with an explosion of data that leaves them spending more time searching for information and less time … Continue reading

The ROI Behind CRM Upgrades

I’ve been reading a lot lately about upgrades and product enhancements from the likes of Oracle, Salesforce.com and others. During a down economy, the pressure only increases to realize ROI after making an upgrade, and for enterprises running legacy CRM applications, weighing that decision can be a tough one. It’s a no-brainer, but CRM initiatives … Continue reading

Increasing User Adoption in a Cloud Computing Model

People have been stressing user adoption and role-based access for CRM for decades, but with cloud computing, I think the traditional human-driven procurement process is being turned on its head. While the change to this more self-service – driven model can bring increased agility and efficiency to an organization, there’s a fallout on how these … Continue reading

The Sugar Open Cloud and the Real World

I was reading an interesting op-ed piece in the New York Times by John Zittrain and the import of the article, and a lot of the comments really echoed with what we have been saying here at Sugar about the benefits of the open cloud, namely: -A “one size fits all” model of the cloud … Continue reading

Gartner: CRM Market Continues to Grow

In its annual CRM market share report, Gartner found that despite the current economic state we find ourselves in, CRM market revenue grew 12.5% in 2008, driven primarily by on-demand software and analytics packages. It’s a good sign, adn one that points to businesses reasserting their value in current customers during a time when purchasing … Continue reading