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The Consumerization of the Enterprise

I have been guest posting here on Outsiders for only a short time. After this post, one may wonder whether I will be invited back for more, or not. So, I will quickly get to the point. Two things happened during this past week which drove me to write this post. Marc Benioff wrote a … Continue reading

SugarCRM Can’t Buy this Kind of Publicity

Some great points on why SugarCRM is a great choice over competing CRM systems here at the K13 blog, apparently written by someone who left Salesforce.com for Sugar Professional On Demand. The blog mainly compares Sugar to Salesforce.com – but really any of the older multi-tenant SaaS CRM solutions could be plugged in here. The … Continue reading

A History Lesson in CRM

I couldn’t resist commenting on Martin’s blog post below, in addition to the linked comments made by Josh Weinberger and Jill Dyche over on the destinationcrm.com blog. I’ve always been a big history buff, mostly because it provides perspective on what’s happening today and what we can expect in the immediate future, whether it be … Continue reading

Twitter for CRM, or CRM for Twitter?

I just saw that Salesforce.com has announced a new Twitter integration. Welcome to the Twitterverse, better late than never. (SugarCRM has offered free plugins to integrate Twitter into Sugar for nearly a year, and released its own Twitter-like capabilities in the 5.2 release.) But anyway, the new trend of integrating Twitter with your CRM made … Continue reading

Some Still See Vendor Lock-In as a Good Thing…

Everyone is talking “open” these days. Well, either open or “the cloud” seems to be coming out of every technology marketers mouths… So I was surprised to see that an obvious critique of Salesforce.com’s Force platform as a lock-in strategy treated as a good thing by Fortune magazine. In a recent article online, I read … Continue reading

Multi-tenancy still an issue, in 2009? …Really?

Sometimes when you are in the trenches, part of the teams developing the latest software, reading about the next big thing in app software 12 months before anyone is actually deploying it – you lose sight of the reality of the CRM world. In the real business world, small business are not as hip to … Continue reading

Cloud vs. SaaS: What’s in a Name?

I am sure I am not the only person who noticed that a certain SaaS CRM provider has changed its tagline to “the enterprise cloud computing company” – whatever that means. But it does make me think – what are actual IT buyers thinking when it comes to the cloud: does it mean the same … Continue reading