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6 ways to screw up with social CRM

By Chris Bucholtz Some things are more digestible in numbered groups: the five stages of grief, the 12 days of Christmas, the seven habits of highly effective people, the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Here’s one for you: the six ways people screw up social CRM. That’s not just a random grouping I came up … Continue reading

Are you seizing social to see yourself as customers see you?

By Chris Bucholtz At the CRM Evolution show last week in rainy New York City, the Tuesday morning “breakfast session” hosted by Paul Greenberg was a notable gathering. The names in the room went beyond the panelists; the audience was full of big-name analysts, executives and smarty-pantses. Had a meteor hit this room, the CRM … Continue reading

The new ROI of social: Risk of Irrelevancy

By Chris Bucholtz Social CRM, or at least the business use of social media, is by now accepted by virtually every organization – even by those who aren’t yet actively engaging in social activities. Social is a given by now, if only because it’s a crucial tool that’s being used by the vast majority of … Continue reading

SCRM Basics: Twitter, Why and How

A few years ago, when I worked over in San Francisco, I would occasionally  commute using the “casual car pool” system – in other words, at a designated congregation point, I’d get into a vehicle with a total stranger so that person could save bridge toll and I could save bus money.  It was less … Continue reading

Lesson From a Spotty Social Media Strategy

(Editor’s note: chatting around the office can result in outbursts of coherence like this one, from David Bockian, who recapitulates this story and distills it to its essence – and even mentions ferrets in the process – the editor) If you make a business decision that causes your customers to say, “What were you thinking?”— … Continue reading

Social CRM is no Place for a “Show Me” mindset

Talking to the big brains at CRM Evolution in New York this week was at once refreshing and frustrating. It’s refreshing that people are thinking so hard about what customer relationship management could evolve into, how deeply it can spread into an organization, and how many business people will nod their heads when they hear … Continue reading