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I’m Back at Where it all Began

Who says you can’t go home again? When I first started this blog back in 2007, I had no idea what it might become. Now, after six years, hundreds of posts, and a few “owners” later I am back working with a lot of the team I knew while initially launching CRM Outsiders. One of … Continue reading

Choice, Control and Conferences: Why the UnCon is Here to Stay

(Editor’s note: I was the session chairman for SugarCon, and picking the right content was tough and nerve wracking. On the other hand, John Mertic organized our “UnCon” – and seemed much less stressed! CRM conferences are starting to attract a broader spectrum of attendees – ranging from those just dipping a toe in the … Continue reading

SugarCon 2009: Thank You!

What a week! I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone that made SugarCon 2009 such a HUGE success. Every Sugar employee that was on hand, every partner, every developer, every customer, general attendees – it was a great event, and all made possible because of you. What really hit me was … Continue reading

SugarCon Day 3: When Pricing Moves to the Forefront

From the get-go, there’s always been a disconnect between a company’s ability to measure a customer’s behavior and their attitude. CRM systems are great at measuring the former; newer surveying solutions and feedback applications seek to answer the later. How well is open to debate. In a down economy, this presents companies with a dilemma … Continue reading

John Roberts on SugarCRM, Open Source and Cloud Computing

To provide everybody with the thoughts and opinions of a true industry leader…and to give you all a break from Martin and I…I’ve posted the opening keynote of Sugar’s CEO, John Roberts, for review by both those that attended and for those that did not. It’s a great look into the history of SugarCRM, the … Continue reading