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Jonathan Stark – Social Experimenter or Marketing Genius?

Jonathan Stark is currently running a very interesting Social sharing experiment. He has published his Starbucks card for anyone to download onto their smartphone, and is allowing people to buy coffee on him. Really. No Joke. The Mobile Applications consultant, from Providence, R.I., has asked that people keep their purchases to $3 or less and … Continue reading

15 Things NOT to share with your Social Network

Now that CRM is going Social and your activities are being streamed live into people’s work lives, it’s even more important to remember that you don’t have to (and in some cases definitely shouldn’t) share everything in your social media streams. For years we have been told Information Exchange is great and that knowledge shared … Continue reading

SugarCRM Useful Tip – 5 ways to beat the Spam

So… you just sent out your best ever mail campaign. SugarCRM has pulled the results back into your Campaign Status showing it went out to every recipient, yet there are no reads, no click-throughs and no useful data to go prospecting from. Did they actually receive the mail? If they did, was it simply deleted … Continue reading

Relationships aren’t just for your CRM

We all know that our CRM systems contain all the relationship information about who you are dealing with, what actvities you have done to date with them, what communications have been made between your organisation and theirs, as well as how they connect and relate to other individuals’ records within your CRM system. But relationships … Continue reading

SugarCRM Useful Tip – Summary View

Have you ever wanted to see a concise view of all correspondence you have had with a particular Lead, Contact, Account, Quote (Professional and Enterprise Only), Opportunity, Project, Case etc. without having to click into each call, email, meeting? Go to the relevant record and at the top of the History panel you will find … Continue reading

CRM – The Corporate Teenager

Customer Relationship Management – it’s a phrase we’ve all heard (why else would you be looking at this site if you hadn’t?), yet do we ever stop to consider its construction or true meaning? For example, which word should take precedence? Merely by its name it would appear that the ‘Customer‘ is the primary focus, … Continue reading

SugarCRM Useful Tip – Show Only My Items

Are you tired of seeing everyone else’s Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities etc. when you click on the List View for a module in your SugarCRM system? Did you know you can get SugarCRM to only show you your own items? It often comes as a surprise to some that there is a very simple solution … Continue reading

SugarCRM Useful Tip – Wild Card Search

Normally, when performing a search for the text you have entered in SugarCRM, the system by default will look for that text at the start of the field. Use the percent symbol (%) at the beginning of your text and SugarCRM will search for that piece of text in the whole field. Example: Entering ‘mor’ … Continue reading

SugarCRM Useful Tips – Module Order

Do you use some modules more than others in your SugarCRM system? If so, you may want to consider re-ordering the Module headers across the top of your SugarCRM screen to move those you use more frequently to the left of the row to ensure they are always on screen. To do this, click on … Continue reading